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Ars Electronica

How society and technology influence, shape and determine each other—has been the core of Ars Electronica’s mission since its inception in 1979. Ars Electronica stands for an open, often playful and usually experimental mode of dealing with technologies and media in ways that are in tune with the times.

As festival producer, museum operator and R&D lab host, Ars Electronica has amassed tremendous knowhow in pedagogy and didactics in conjunction with media and science, and gained extensive experience as an extramural teaching institution designed to implement informal approaches to educational experiences devoid of strictly prescribed learning goals. Accordingly, nurturing our clientele’s creativity is a top-priority item on Ars Electronica’s agenda. The declared aim of this educational facility on the banks of the Danube is the empowerment of visitors—supporting them in getting adjusted to changed medial and technical realities of life and enabling them to derive benefits from these serially upgraded technologies.

Ars Electronica as a Place of Learning. For years now, Ars Electronica is strongly focusing on the education of children, youngsters, students and emerging professionals and offers various programs:

As an extramural educational facility, Ars Electronica sees itself as complementing rather than competing with existing institutions. This holds true especially since the museum’s redesign to enable visitors to experience science in a totally new way. Infrastructure such as the BioLab and the FabLab offer unprecedented new forms of competence enhancement. More than 50,000 students annually take advantage of this infrastructure in conjunction with group tours and workshops. That Ars Electronica’s Museum of the Future is a center for opinion formation and cultural participation is convincingly demonstrated by the lively interest of the apart of visitors over many years. Creating an experimental learning environment in which the younger generation can get hand-on experience with cutting edge technologies and get acquainted with highly topical issues is a big part of our missing. The strong attendance at our educational courses by school classes throughout the academic year shows that our educational program is not simply juxtaposed to classroom instruction; they complement each other and truly enrich these students’ learning experience. Plus, as an educational institution strongly committed to lifelong learning, passing on our skills and values to those who are completing their career training and preparing for life in the adult world is also high on our agenda.