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Trinity College Dublin

SGD offers an undergraduate module as part of the Trinity Elective programme. In the transdisciplinary Idea Translation Lab module, students will have the opportunity to get outside their specialist subject area, and work collaboratively at the boundaries of art, science, design and engineering, to develop original ideas and projects where these disciplines meet. This elective is designed to stimulate the development of entrepreneurial, creative and critical thinking skills through collaborative group projects, which may have impact along different axes: social, scientific, cultural and commercial. The module encourages students to reflect critically on the broader perspectives around the cultural, ethical and economic role of science in society including science policy and the commercialisation of new ideas.

Science Gallery Dublin has a well-established educational programme for 15-16 year olds: a weeklong programme of art-science experiences, with an overarching project challenge focused on developing solutions to societal challenges. The sessions during the week are themed around an upcoming Science Gallery Dublin exhibition topic, and aim to develop creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. In 2018/2019, 200 students are enrolled in the programme, with an estimated 400 due to participate in 2019/2020.